Delimit can handle very large delimited text files, up to 2 billion rows and 2 million columns large. However, on rare occasions, Delimit may stall or even crash due to one of the following three reasons: 

a) Your PC may not have enough RAM memory for Delimit to complete the operation. You can check by opening Task Manager, and by clicking on Performance and Memory. Then run the function within Delimit which causes the stall and see if your memory usage hits or approaches max. If so, you would need to add more memory to your PC or use a PC with more memory,  


b) Your PC may not have enough disk space for Delimit to complete the operation. Verify your available disk space and if it is very low, free up some disk space by deleting unnecessary files.

c) Your file may have errors or corruptions at a particular location of the file which may cause Delimit to stall/crash once it reaches that location. The latter reason is hard to diagnose without us inspecting the file itself. Please contact us for additional support.